Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

This programme will provide delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills for them to practically apply legal concepts and principles in the workplace. A good understanding of South African law is essential for every employer and employee. This is an interactive 3 day learning programme managed through group work, group discussions, role plays, case studies, breakaway activities and group presentations.

The Unit Standard offered herein forms part of the National Diploma for Human Resources Management, SAQA ID 61592. The SAQA ID for the Unit Standard offered herein is US 10985.  The delegates will each be awarded with 5 credits.

On completion of this programme delegates will:

  • Increase their understanding of what labour laws are and how they work;
  • Identify what destroys labour harmony in the workplace;
  • Be equipped to implement and develop new processes, policies and procedures;
  • Gain insight of the various stages and procedures of a disciplinary hearing; and
  • Be able to successfully initiate a disciplinary hearing.


Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Introduction to Employee Relations


Corrective Discipline

Disciplinary Hearings

Grievance Hearings

Behavior modelling and role plays

    Employee relations-labour relations debate;

    Contract of employment and common law requirements;

    Employee rights and responsibilities;

    South African sources of labour law;

    Code of Good Practice: Dismissal; and

    Overview of labour legislation including amendments.


    Why discipline?

    Principles of discipline

    Is discipline a Line or HR function?

    Disciplinary code and procedure

    Levels of discipline

    Categories of dismissal


    Levels of disciplinary action

    Counselling & Disciplinary interview

    General guidelines on discipline

    Fair reasons for dismissal: Procedural, substantive and operational reasons


    The disciplinary hearing

    The initiator and chairperson

    The process, investigation and preparation of disciplinary hearing

    Real life case studies and scenarios to reinforce learning

    Chairing a disciplinary hearing

    Principles of the management of grievance

    Chairing a grievance hearing

    Correct behaviour is modelled on how to chair a disciplinary hearing

    Each delegate plays the role of chairing a disciplinary hearing