Coaching for Managers

Strengths-Based Coaching for Managers

Emergence Human Capital has developed the Strengths-Based Coaching for Managers Programme to train managers on how to become workplace coaches.

The managers will learn that through positive conversations and continuous performance feedback, performance goals can be achieved without the negativity usually surrounding performance appraisals and quarterly reviews.

Continuous Performance Feedback

Moving to more frequent developmental conversations and ongoing dialogue is consistent with the most successful managers studied. But getting it right isn’t just about the activity of ongoing conversations. It is also about what happens during those conversations and the relationship between the manager and the employee. The upside of getting such conversations right, where employees perceive benefit to their development, is staggering in terms of performance and engagement improvement.

Positive Conversations

Positive conversations rely on managers and employees understanding themselves and how they filter and interact with each other and within the workplace.  The Manager will learn how to lead individual conversations that will help employees understand and appreciate their talents, build their engagement, and establish performance expectations to achieve greater success.


The Strengths-Based Coaching for Managers Programme is a two-and-a-half-day programme. Emergence Human Capital Coaches make use of the coaching model SLATE to create interactive coaching sessions that are focused on Performance, Encouragement and reaching Expectations

In the SLATE model, the Listen and Learn, Assess and Analyze, and Test Ideas and Teach have arrows circling around them. That’s because these steps are interwoven and wind around each other over and over again. They are an iterative process.

During this programme, the manager will learn how to integrate the principles of strengths-based development into the workplace by:

Valuing the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment as an effective instrument for measuring talent identifying and learning the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder themes applying his greatest talents in his role as a coach and integrating his dominant strengths to become more effective conducting foundational strengths-based coaching conversations.

Within a month after attending the program, the manager will have a one-on-one follow-up session with an Emergence Human Capital Gallup-certified strengths coach. Together, they will discuss how to apply and integrate the concepts learnt in the Strengths-Based Coaching for Managers Programme.