Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics Workshop

This one day workshop provides grounding for the unique strengths and contributions of each team member.  It teaches team members a better understanding of their independent roles and aims to expand and enhance their partnerships in order to build an interdependent team.

Strengths Development Process

When team members are aware of each other’s talent filters, they understand how each person is inclined to think, act and feel. This awareness helps the team navigate the issues all teams encounter. They understand how the team can best work together to accomplish its goals and performance objectives.

During the team dynamics workshop we use a team strengths grid to create awareness and help team members understand how best the team can work together.

By the end of the team dynamics workshop, the following outputs are achieved:

  • Identification of individual strengths (name)
  • Understanding of how to use individual strengths within a team context using the team strengths grid (claim)
  • Team plan and charter aim at achieving team goals (aim)