Change Management

Our Organisational Change Management process:

Change is often a complex and difficult process. Leading change successful, in other people and across an entire organisation, especially doing these ever change times, requires new thinking and new tools. Having a clear vision or the most effective designed solution to a problem will not, alone, produce successful change. The secret to leading successful change is rooted is something much simpler: “how to facilitate change with one person.”

We employ Change readiness surveys, Change Management Workshops, Change Ambassador Training and comprehensive communication plans to ensure that transitions are peaceful and productive to your organisation.

We commission a change management team to assess organisational readiness and provide this team with tools to overcome resistance and positively engage employees as contributing partners in implementing change and achieving business success.

ADKAR is an acronym that represents the five milestones or outcomes an individual must achieve for change to be successfully realised.



Our Change Management Training

Change Management is all of the actions we take to control how we move from one state to another and need to happen to move a team and/or organisations beyond its current realities. 

Change happens all the time, but to ensure that the right change happens, needs skills and understanding on how change should be planned, managed and controlled.

With our training delegates will gain practical understanding of the change management cycle and importance of managing change in the workplace, and how to apply basic change management and leadership techniques in order to drive and manage change within the workplace and within their direct teams.

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