Human Resource Audit

One of the continuing underlying themes in organisations is that HR needs to improve the quality of HR work irrespective of location, industry or organisational differences. Organisation leaders have realised that people are one of the most important aspects of any organisation, and effective HR management is of utmost importance.

We have devised an HR Diagnostic Test to understand the current state of your organisation’s HR practice and identify gaps for improvement. We make use of The National HR Standard as shown in the model below:


The adoption of HR standards ensures that HR is able to effectively deliver and measure its impact against the HR strategy and ultimately meet the objectives of the organisation.

To adopt HR standards, organisations need to go through a rigorous audit process with the SABPP, in order to be certified.  In order to be certified, it is recommended that organisations ensure that they are adequately prepared and there is support across the organisation in what can be for many organisations, a large-scale change programme in and of itself, as it impacts every aspect of HR activity.

To this end, we have developed the HR Diagnostic©. This has been specifically developed to help Human Resources to lead, improve and drive HR effectiveness in organisations.

The aim of the diagnostic is to conduct a full review of the HR function, planning and implementation with a view to identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement. The results will be used to create an improvement plan that can be prioritised. This makes implementation and the measurement of progress far easier.

You can attend a HR Standards workshop for better understanding, Click here.