Customer Service

Achieving success in today’s competitive markets takes more than great products and services. To motivate and empower delegates to find their own motivation to communicate clearly and concisely, giving customer care from an authentic yet well-structured viewpoint and especially from a place of personal commitment. Emphasis is placed on relationship building, the value of a returning clients.

Knowing how to deliver a differentiated and highly competitive customer experience cost effectively is critically important and increasingly challenging, understanding and experiencing these current trends and contextualizing them for an organisation.

This programme focuses on enabling participants, both individually and collectively, to implement meaningful customer Service. Working closely with an organisation, we will ensure the programme is customised and integrated into your organisation’s strategy.

Customer Service Training Programme – Process Outline



The process as illustrated above begins with assessing individual and/or teams current competencies – the innovations and progress you want to see and applying the skills to effectively close the gap.

On completion delegates will be able to:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of personal competency gaps and how to effectively close them;
  • Successfully segment different customers and to understand different product and financing needs;
  • Efficiently manage a client relationships and prepare for any form of communication;
  • Utilising interpersonal skills to “hunt” and “farm” clients;
  • Improve the cross-sell ratio;
  • Setting appropriate goals for Client/Customer relationship managers and monitoring their success;
  • Measure client/product profitability &
  • Set appropriate pricing for the different client segments.

Implementation Approach

Utilising the latest theories and principles of customer service, we have designed this programme which focuses on delegate participation through individual and group work. Delegates are encouraged to bring case studies from their workplace prior to each session, these then form the context for the learning.

This programme is broken into three modules, each introduces new concepts and principles of customer service and builds on from proceeding modules. The focus is to facilitate a shift from thought to action and is achieved through repeated practice in role plays and case studies, customised to the organisation’s context.

Customer Service

Pre – Programme



  • Utilising Assessment
  • Determine what skills are required using an assessment;
  • Determine which of the required skills each delegate has
  • Analyse results and determine skills development needs &
  • Each participant will receive an individualised development plan

Day 1 – Module 1

What is customer service?


1. The purpose and premises of Customer Service:

  • What is Customer Service?;
  • Why Customer Service within the context of the client? &
  • Why is Customer Service useful to the client context?

2. Understanding the service environment;

  • What are the challenges of customer service and how to manage these?;
  • Analyse and review customer portfolios;
  • Creating a personal action plan &
  • Assignment to be completed

Day 2 – Module 2

How is customer service applied?

  • Customer Service Tools and Technique;
  • What sources of data do we have to indicate customer preferences and behaviours and how can I use it effectively?;
  • Why is service such an important differentiator and how can I engineer processes from a customer point of view?;
  • How do I make sure we get the relationship;
  • Why “cross selling” is vital and customer “solutions” a successful way to address needs of customers?;
  • Negotiation Skills;
  • How can we effectively negotiate with customers to reduce the emphasis on the size and pricing?;
  • Why are customer visits vital and how can I get the best value out of them? &
  • Assignment to be completed

Day 3 - Module 3

How is customer service applied in client?

  • Can delegates identify a potentially profitable customer segment?;
  • How would they go about developing and rolling out a customer service approach?;
  • What are the pros and cons of different approaches in the market? &
  • Application of coaching through role plays:

                1. Mini Assignment &

                2. Presentation of customer service assignment demonstrating the application skills and knowledge gained.

Delegates will be assigned a project which will require them to apply the concepts and principles learnt in the context of their workplace, which will bring in concepts and principles from each module.

Individual coaching support is provided for participants throughout the duration of the Programme.

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