Job Profiling & Evaluation Workshop

Job Profiling

Job profiles are the foundation of most HR management processes & decision-making.  These activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Recruitment & selection;
  • Role orientation;
  • Training & skills development;
  • Supervision requirements;
  • Job evaluation;
  • Remuneration / compensation;
  • Performance management; and
  • Labour relations.

We offer a one day Job Profiling Workshop. The course is aimed at staff who need an understanding of the Job Profiling process.

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is the systematic process of determining the worth of one job in relation to that of other jobs in an organisation. Job Evaluation is useful in that it:

  • Indicates the relative ‘size’ or ‘weight’ of a job;
  • Does not look at the volume of work assigned to a person but rather the demands, complexity, responsibility and competencies required;
  • Provides a basis for designing an equitable pay structure (internal and external equity);
  • Provides a defensible framework for pay differentiation (Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value Legislation) &
  • Observes grading rules, therefore eliminates potential subjectivity.

The objective of this 2 day workshop is to ensure that delegates are able to successfully and consistently grade roles within a company.

Approximately 75% of organisations across Southern Africa use Paterson as their primary Job Evaluation methodology. Reasons for this include:

  • Easy to understand, communicate and implement;
  • Accepted by unions as an effective JE system;
  • Aids defensible remuneration decision making;
  • Cross-correlates to other systems of job evaluation &
  • International system recognised by the International Labour Organisation and more.

Both workshops are accredited through SABPP as a skills development programme.

DID YOU KNOW, we offer both Job Profiling and Job Evaluation through our consulting service?