Reward Consulting

Reward Expert

RewardExpert is an accurate and easy-to-use Total Reward system, offering live data and a host of supporting modules that will assist in setting appropriate pay levels, performing pay analysis, mitigating legislative risk and addressing pay anomalies, across a number of industries and countries. RewardExpert delivers on all your reward management requirements, with ease of use and excellent reliability. We pride ourselves on rigorous data integrity, resulting in highly accurate benchmark data that is supported by highly skilled staff.

Reward Certification

These Reward Certifications are internationally recognised through our partnership with the Institute for HR Management Education (iHRME) and they are accredited with The South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). The CCM is geared toward the fundamentals of Reward Management (Reward Analyst/Specialist), whilst the CGCP is geared toward advanced Reward Management (Reward Manager/Exec level).

Reward Strategy

Tailored reward strategies ensure that organisations are seen as attractive and competitive employers in the markets in which they operate.

Emeregence Human Capital

Incentive Scheme Design

Incentive Schemes (Short and Long term) are used to reward and retain superior performers and employees.

Outsourcing and Secondment

Our Outsourcing division provides an end to end Human Resource service. Clients are able to outsource part or all of their Human Resource activities across Africa.

Cost-to-Company Conversion/Package Structuring

The prevalence of using the Cost-to-Company (CTC) Package Structure has increased dramatically over the past years, and conversions to this pay approach are becoming increasingly attractive. 

Equal Pay Audit

We have developed an audit framework and process, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your organisation can remain legally compliant from a remuneration perspective.

Remuneration Audit

Remuneration Audits are typically requested by organisations to determine anomalies with regard to internal management of salaries, resulting in equity issues with regard to remuneration packages.

Expatriate Management

Organisations generally spend insufficient time creating a well-designed Expatriate Framework.  Inconsistent treatment of Expatriates quickly leads to unhappy employees, and can become a costly exercise to correct.

Employee Recognition Scheme

Employee Recognition Schemes are typically used to reward and retain certain categories of staff, and/or superior performers.  Employee recognition schemes, if implemented correctly, can drive behaviour immediately and effectively for most categories of staff.

Employee Engagement Strategy

The Engagement Strategy is a key document supporting the outcome of the Employee Engagement Survey conducted within an organisation. Using the results of the developed Engagement Survey we will provide expert insight and offer recommendations emanating from the analysis.

Employee Benefits Audit

We are able to conduct an audit exercise within your organisation to determine the “gaps” that may exist with regard to internal management of benefits.

Pay Scale Design

A pay scale is a remuneration system that determines the range in which an employee should be paid.

Remco Advisory

We provide expert remuneration committee advisory.

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