Equal Pay Audit

Equal Pay Audit

Work of equal value includes work that is the same, substantially the same or of the same value as other work, as contemplated in Regulation 4 of the Regulations to the revised Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value section in the Employment Equity Act. Whilst the legislation is currently specific to South Africa, Equal Pay for Work of Equal value is a good overall remuneration principle. Work of equal value is explained as the same work as another employee, if:

  • Work is identical;
  • Work is interchangeable;
  • Work is substantially the same or sufficiently similar to be reasonably considered as similar &
  • Work is of the same value of another employee in a different job.

With the amendments to section 6 of the Employment Equity Act promulgated on 1 August 2014, it requires that all organisations have a job grading system in place or a robust method of explaining why certain categories of staff earn certain amounts, and be able to provide defensible differentiation should pay differ. This legislation is applicable to all organisations.

Emergence Human Capital has developed an audit framework and process, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your organisation can remain legally compliant from a remuneration perspective.