Expatriate Management

Expatriate Management​

Organisations generally spend insufficient time creating a well-designed Expatriate Framework. This is dangerous given the rising cost of sending Expatriates abroad, and that the highest employee turnover in Expatriate assignments is at the beginning and end of the assignment. In addition, the remuneration of Expatriates often tends to be a rushed last-minute decision due to urgent operational requirements.   Inconsistent treatment of Expatriates quickly leads to unhappy employees, and can become a costly exercise to correct.

Emergence Human Capital offers a number of services in this area, and can be summarised as follows:


  • Mobility strategy and policy development;
  • Build-up model design & customisation;
  • Cost-of-Living (COL) data;
  • Hardship allowance data;
  • Expatriate data;
  • Analysis of expatriate remuneration & conditions of service &
  • Local market data for 180 countries globally.