QuikEval – the answer to making Job Evaluation easy!

Job Evaluation is a key part of the foundation of HR – from compensation and recruitment to development and performance. Every area of HR is impacted by job evaluation / grading of positions. It is traditionally a highly technical area of HR – the purpose is to determine the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organisation. Job evaluation methodologies can be hard to understand, using many varied factors to determine results. We have simplified the process and made things easier through one of our QuikHR products – QuikEval!

QuikEval is a market-leading web-based Job Evaluation system that consistently produces accurate and reliable Job Evaluation (grading) results for organisations.

The benefits of utilising QuikEval include:

  • Accurate & defensible job evaluation results are produced;
  • Consistency in application of job evaluation rules – specialist roles are evaluated as effectively as non-specialist roles (all roles are evaluated using the same methodology);
  • Cost effectiveness through reduced evaluation time and technical training;
  • Reduced dependency on consultants;
  • The role and not the person is evaluated (mitigates subjectivity); and
  • Internationally recognised and can be effectively used across multiple regions & industries.

Additional features of the system:

Using feedback from our clients, we have incorporated several useful features within QuikEval, all designed with the aim of making the job evaluation process easier. Some features include:

  • Ability to upload your company specific pay scale;
  • Can be used by the Job Evaluation committee;
  • Supporting documents (profiles & organisation structures) are stored in the system;
  • Simplified implementation – web-based system;
  • System training is included as standard;
  • No limitation to the number of users who can access the system;
  • No limitation to the number of Job Evaluations conducted;
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel & Adobe PDF.
  • Add OFO codes through the OFO code generator built into the system.
  • For each evaluation, email statements selected (audit trail) to others; and
  • View a complete archive of roles previously evaluated in the system.

See how QuikEval can easily link to other HR initiatives, from salary benchmarking to measuring employee skills, creating learning and development objectives, and performance management, all with one simple and easy to use tool!

If you do not have the internal capacity to evaluate jobs within your organisation, we have a dedicated team that assist you.

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