Future-Proof your Human Resources Skill Set

Future-proof your Human Resources Skill Sets -You can be the key to advancing your organisation, and your career!


It is essential to attract and retain the right talent for any organisation by having the right CB strategy. Thus, HR professionals must understand and speak the language of CB by having strong human resources skill sets. Then they will truly understand the challenges and opportunities within CB and the way that it can impact the company.


Why Compensation & Benefits as a career?

In the face of an ever-changing business landscape, changing employee expectations, and growing scrutiny on equal pay for work of equal value, Compensation and Benefits (CB) policies and strategies are under extraordinary pressure. Furthermore, diverse skills including strategic thinking and analytics have assisted in creating a future-proof CB programme.

Become a total rewards expert. Learn everything needed to create a future-proof CB strategy by developing modern skills from strategic thinking to hands-on analytics. Also boost your career and get ahead by learning the latest and most in-demand CB skills from industry experts.

Human Resources Skill Set

Why take your career to the next level?

We give you practical, hands-on, and industry-relevant training with global recognition through our partner Institute for HR Management Education (iHRME) and accreditation via the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). This will give you highly professional human resources skill sets.

Compensation and Benefits Analytics: Learn how to leverage benchmarking, understand data sources, and build a stronger CB strategy.

Pay Gap Analysis: Interpret data to identify pay gaps, determine which drivers you can control, and draft an action plan. No one wants to pay their employees unfairly and taking a data-driven approach can help you safeguard equal work for equal pay. Learn how to interpret pay gap statistics, identify the key drivers of reward, and measure pay inequality.

Pay Principles: Dive into the job evaluation and grading process.  Also study various aspects of pay, including variable pay and cross-border workers’ pay, as well as the implications for HR. Acquaint yourself with job evaluation (grading) to better understand the role this plays in Covid 19 bonus.  Learn about how these topics integrate with HR processes, including budgeting for salary costs.

Total Rewards Strategy: Understanding the full cycle of CB strategy is critical to the overall plan. Learn to develop a Total Rewards Strategy that includes a robust compensation structure, a benefits offering, well-being, and recognition programs. Be trained on evaluating your Total Reward strategy based on external factors, considering internal influences such as key stakeholders, company culture and HR challenges, enabling you to obtain buy-in and approval from interested parties. The Total Rewards strategy is a critical part of any organisation’s toolkit when it comes to attracting and retaining the talent you need to thrive now and in the future.

5-day human resources skill sets certificate programme

This 5-day certificate programme equips attendees with the human resources skill sets needed to create an effective CB strategy and Total Rewards model. From benchmarking salaries to job grading and from sales compensation to pay gap analyses, this comprehensive programme will help attendees drive business impact with appropriate CB initiatives.

Who should attend?

Ambitious HR professionals who seek to understand the strategic importance of CB in today’s dynamic business environment. Focussing on practical and data-driven skills, attendees can participate in CB conversations and manage projects and initiatives. They will be able to  drive business impact with a powerful and sustainable CB strategy.

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