Social Impact

Skills Development

At Emergence Human capital, we understand that there is more to the world than the skills development and what we do, therefore we try our hardest to create a positive social impact in the community through real and genuine participation and positive action. All of our staff are always being socially-conscious about how we are making our mark, and try to better the world through, but not limited to, the following:

  • We fund the education of 2 Cape Town-based students that are unable to afford quality education themselves, to ensure they have a brighter future ahead, get good jobs and shape a better society to live in.
  • We regularly offer discounted or even pro-bono consulting services and technology platforms to worthy causes where companies can use our work to strengthen their teams and grow their business.
  • We make regular donations to, and raise funds for multiple charities in need that are bettering our community one step at a time. We support and donate to the Teddy Bear Clinic and Pet Empowerment in Townships (PETS) on a regular basis
  • We actively participate in broad-based community programmes with all our staff and participate in charity runs or events multiple times a year
  • We promote wellness and healthy living in our office by emphasizing the importance of your own health and by creating a wellness are outside where staff can get fresh air.
  • We take care of the environment by knowing the importance of recycling our waste. We donate our semi used papers to pre schools for art or drawing as well as all cardboard boxes and paper rolls.

Emergence Human Capital