Outsourcing has evolved from a creative concept to a proven business solution. Many companies today outsource multiple Human Resource processes to a single provider – saving money, transforming their delivery model, creating a more strategic Human Resource function and providing improved service to their workforce.


Our HR Outsourcing division provides an end to end Human Resource service. Clients are able to outsource part or all of their Human Resource activities across Africa.

This division is supported by unique Human Resource technologies, with a strong emphasis on delivery and improved decision making through Human Resource data and analytics.

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HR practitioners have come to see outsourcing as a way to ‘free them to do more valuable work’, rather than being replaced by said. In other words, leaders want to spend time on engagement, increased people effort and performance, rather than on the transactional activities and specialist HR models that support such effort.

The approach to HR outsourcing is multi-faceted and has as many elements as there are types of organisations. HR outsourcing has evolved, to a point where various HR functions are outsourced not only locally but also globally. Organisations may either outsource specific functions or the complete HR department to a third party.

There are a number of advantages of using an independent professional consultancy, namely that we offer:

  • Added credibility;
  • Specialised industry knowledge;
  • Access to a large database of statistics, trends and information;
  • Access to a wide range of specialised resources in terms of people / consultants locally;
  • Contact with other clients within the consultancy; and
  • An objective and unbiased standpoint, which can be presented without fear of internal pressure for promotion of a particular solution.

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