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HR & Reward Skills Sets – Our HR and reward training programs are dedicated to empowering HR professionals and reward specialists with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their field. From the latest industry trends to practical tools and techniques, our training is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve and drive results for your organization. By joining us, you can be at the forefront in your career for years to come. We host all our workshops and programmes via a hybrid approach, allowing our facilitator, delegates, and viewers to stream virtually or to attend the event in person. We offer the following: Job Profiling, Job Evaluation, Rem-101, Certificate in Compensation Management and the Certified Global Compensation Profession, and more! Request more info via

Job Profiling

Job Profiling

Job Profiling The ability to define accurate work design for both current and future roles is essential to creating a structure than can achieve organisational objectives. Our accredited 1-day Job Profiling workshop ensures that you can skilfully and consistently develop accurate job profiles that support all HR processes.

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Job Profiling

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation underpins good practice from three perspectives: 1. HR; 2. Reward; and 3. Relevant legislation. It is the systematic process of determining the worth of one job in relation to that of other jobs in an organisation.

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Rem 101

Rem 101Remuneration is the number 1 reason people join and leave organisations. If you are looking to understand the fundamentals of Remuneration & Reward, this 2-day workshop is for you!

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Certificate In Compensation Management

CCMThe CCM is geared toward the fundamentals of Reward Management (Reward Analyst/Specialist). This exciting 5-day certification programme provides a detailed introduction into the essentials of Compensation Management.

Employee Rewards Programs

Certified Global Compensation Professional

CGCP Given the growing need for reward professionals in the world, the purpose of this programme is to provide professionals with learning experiences, concepts, skills, and procedures that will help them develop and leverage human expertise – improving both personal and organisational performance through Reward.