Africa Expansion

Expanding into a new market, especially a diverse and dynamic one like Africa, can be a complex endeavour for any company. To successfully navigate this transition and ensure compliance with local labour laws and market-specific remuneration practices, Emergence and Africa HR Solutions working together can be instrumental to your success.

Emergence provides valuable insights on competitive Reward strategies tailored to the African market, ensuring the company can attract the best talent. Simultaneously, the Africa HR Solutions takes care of the intricate employment, legal, and regulatory procedures. Allowing you to focus on your core operations and growth strategy. Together, we create a seamless solution that empowers businesses to expand into Africa with confidence, competitiveness, and compliance.

Reward Expert

HR Consulting

HR consulting involves experts providing organisations with valuable guidance on various human resources matters. We assist in optimizing HR strategies, policies, and practices to align with business goals, enhance employee productivity, and ensure legal compliance.


Reward Certification

Salary Benchmarking (Individual, Industry specific, Africa, Emerging Markets & Global)

With the widest salary survey coverage in Africa and beyond, we provide accurate & reliable pay data for thousands of positions against a relevant set of comparators. Our data is updated throughout the year, for almost every emerging market & global location in the world.

Reward Certification

Employer of Record (EOR)

EORs do not require you to have a local entity to operate legally in an African country. The EOR becomes your employee’s legal employer in name and takes care of all your HR needs in-country. This includes payroll, benefits administration, tax remittance, compliance and more.

Reward Strategy

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)

While in Africa, your organisation may need to outsource some of its major administrative functions to free up time for your core business. The following services will help you get a competitive edge, all the while simplifying complex and costly administrative procedures.

Incentive Scheme Design

Payroll & Tax Outsourcing

Free up time to dedicate to your core business focus with outsourced payroll. Not only will outsourced payroll ensure that employees are paid on time, wherever they are in Africa, but it will also minimise the risks involved with handling these operations internally while also ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely delivery.

Outsourcing and Secondment

Cross-border Payments

We can make it easier to bill and pay your foreign workers overseas. When your organisation is facing political and financial upheaval, this service is quite useful.

Cost-to-Company Conversion

Independent Contractor Solutions

Through a temporary or permanent staffing solution, this service enables your organisation to swiftly grow a local team in the country of assignment. Organisations can use it to test a new market with a relatively small investment. This solution is among the simplest and quickest ways to hire workers in nations where you lack a formal entity.

Equal Pay Audit

Umbrella Solutions

For those who choose not to work from their own companies, an umbrella corporation offers a secure, straightforward, and completely legal employment solution. Thanks to this solution, clients can work with contractors frequently, enabling them to temporarily increase their personnel or capability without having to deal with the legal obligations related to hiring permanent employees.

Remuneration Audit

Work permits & Immigration

Service providers can easily sponsor and aid expatriate personnel in the many processes associated with immigration, from the letter of invitation to enter the country to the provision of work permits.

Expatriate Management

Medical Insurance

Employee welfare is vital for any organisation’s continued success in Africa. Entrust the task of finding the most advantageous medical insurance plans to an expert, who was agreements and special access to multinational medical insurance providers.

Employee Recognition Scheme

Donor Fund Administration

Are you an international donor to an NGO? Then it may be that you worry about how the donations you make to an NGO are managed. Africa HR Solutions can help to give you the assurance that your donations are used in a predefined manner thanks to their tried-and-true network in over 50 African nations.

Employee Engagement Strategy

Administrative Services Organisation Management Company

Get the assistance you need to set up your own local entity in an African country. The process can be long, difficult, and costly without an expert by your side to help you set up and then manage your newly created entity in a remote African nation.

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