Salary Benchmarking

Industry Specific, Africa, Global & Emerging Markets

The purpose of Salary Benchmarking, whether local, global, industry specific, within any African/Emerging market), is to compare the pay levels within your organisation against a relevant comparator group, in the market in which you compete for skills. Ultimately, this should help you attract and retain superior talent.

Salary benchmarking is typically used:

  • To obtain relevant, accurate, representative data on levels of pay and benefits for specific jobs;
  • To adjust the pay levels of employees;
  • To analyse pay-related issues;
  • To set the pay mix (guaranteed vs. variable);
  • To offer appropriate starting rates;
  • To design and modify salary structures and pay scales &
  • To guide pay decisions and salary levels of employees.

The components of the Total Rewards Model that we are able to provide data on includes:

  • Basic salary;
  • Benefits;
  • Cost to Company / Guaranteed Package &
  • Short- & Long-term incentive trends.

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