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Emergence Human Capital offers the next generation of HR technology. Below is all the information regarding what we have to offer, if you should need more information please contact us at

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HR is and should always be the forefront of business, leading the charge to embrace technology. Emergence Human Capital offers the next generation of HR information systems and technology. Our systems have been designed with the organisation, user and budget in mind. Simplicity and the ability to trust results are the key success factors.

Emeregence Human Capital

Job Profiling

Job Profiling made simple. QuikProfiler© helps you make sense of the profiling procedure and streamlines the job profile writing process effectively. A powerful web-based electronic system with an easy to use interface, QuikProfiler© is both reliable and cost-effective. Job Profiles are used to set the minimum job requirements for recruitment, communicating organisational expectations and delivery thereof to an incumbent and identifying the contribution required by every job in the organisation.


Job Grading made simple. QuikEval has been developed to ensure that your objectives of Job Evaluation are met in a way that is accurate, defensible, cost-effective & consistent. This intuitive system has been implemented in a number of countries and across a range of industries. QuikEval uses the Paterson method of job evaluation as a basis. The primary purpose of the Paterson system is to relate levels of complexity in a way which both management and workers find reasonable, equitable and fair.


RewardExpert is an accurate and easy-to-use Total Reward system, offering live data and a host of supporting modules that will assist in setting appropriate pay levels, performing pay analysis, mitigating legislative risk and addressing pay anomalies, across a number of industries and countries. RewardExpert delivers on all your reward management requirements, with ease of use and excellent reliability. We pride ourselves on rigorous data integrity, resulting in highly accurate benchmark data that is supported by highly skilled staff.


A Skills Audit is a process that can be used to identify the skill gaps in an organisation. Skills Auditing System. QuikSkills© – is a web based Skills Audit System which uses Competency Management principles as a basis.