Job Profiling System

Job Profiling System



Job Profiling is defined as: “The process of deciding exactly what tasks are involved in a particular job, and what skills, experience, and personality a person would need in order to do the job”.

As Job Profiling can form the basis for several HR-related interventions, it is imperative that Job Profiles are kept up to date which can prove to be challenging in any organisation. Job Profiles are used to set the minimum job requirements for recruitment, communicating organisational expectations and delivery thereof to an incumbent and identifying the contribution required by every job in the organisation.

QuikProfiler helps you make sense of the profiling procedure and streamlines the job profile writing process effectively. A powerful web-based electronic system with an easy to use interface, QuikProfiler is both reliable and cost-effective.

The system sets out various stages of the job profile

  • Description of position
  • Delegated freedom to act
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Primary purpose of the job
  • Reporting structure and position in the organisation
  • Planning and time horizons
  • Pressure
  • Influence
  • Financial and other resources
  • Principle outcomes (KPAs and KPIs)
  • Key competencies required


Key Characteristics:

  • Begin a new Job Profile from scratch;
  • Customise/edit existing job profiles that a user has carried out;
  • Select from a pre-established library of generic job profiles across a wide variety of positions and edit;
  • One can add an OFO code to the profile; and
  • Includes version control.


    Advantages and Benefits:

    Some of the main advantages and benefits are:

    • Comes with Built-in Generic Job Profiles to make it easy to create Job Profiles;
    • Comes standard with ½ day training on system use;
    • System is web based and can be used on any browser at any time;
    • QuikProfler also allows one to include performance specifications such as Pressure, Service / Product Delivery, internal Processes and Financial & Administration; and
    • QuikProfiler gives you the opportunity to include personal, generic, technical and management / leadership competencies.


    The following benefits will be achieved when using the system:

    • Reduced training time, thus cost effective to implement;
    • User friendly and easy to understand;
    • Reliable and produces consistent results;
    • Uses a step by step process of profiling a Job;
    • Only authorised users have access to information; and
    • Version control enhanced.


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