Board Evaluations

We follow a structured and systematic approach to board evaluations. This ensures that all relevant issues are covered and that performance gaps are identified, their root causes understood and that plans are put in place to ensure continuous improvement in performance. This approach is summarised below

Performance Evaluation Approach



Step 1: Who will be evaluated?

King IV Principle 9 (Practice 73) recommends that Boards, Committees and Individual Directors be evaluated at least every two years.

Step 2: What will be evaluated?

We have developed an Evaluation Framework to ensure that no critical aspects of Board performance are omitted from the evaluation. This Framework is shown below:

Board evaluation framework


In addition to the above subject matter, we will make use of our expertise to ensure that no significant aspects of board performance are omitted.

Step 3: What methods will be used?

Our assessment will be conducted by means of questionnaires to be completed by each Board and Committee member. The questionnaires will take the form of statements that refer to aspects of Board, Committee or Board Member performance.

Step 4: What will be done with the results?

We will prepare a preliminary report covering the evaluation of the Board, Committees and the self/peer evaluation of each Board Member. The report will discuss in detail all significant issues raised during the evaluations plus training needs and recommendations for the future.