Job Profiling

Our HR consultants will develop, review and/or validate job descriptions / job profiles to assist your organisation to align the job roles to your strategic plan. Thus ensuring the achievement of your objectives. 

The aim is to have a complete picture of the position – what is actually done and how. The purpose of job analysis is to provide the information necessary for writing a job description template.

If your staff need training our Job Profiling Workshop to cover the basics. The workshop lasts one day and offers participants the practical skills needed to develop job profiles.


Job Profiles are the foundation for most Human Resource Management activities:

  • Recruitment – Job descriptions are used to develop a recruitment campaign that clearly articulates the duties to be performed and qualifications required by the organisation for the position;
  • Selection – Top Interview questions to ask, hiring criteria and the screening process are based on the duties and qualification outlined in the job description;
  • Orientation – The job description helps the employee see how their position relates to other positions in the organisation;
  • Training – The job description can be used to identify areas where the employee does not adequately meet the qualifications of the position and therefore requires training. An employee development program is vital.
  • Supervision – The job description can be used by the employee and the supervisor to help establish a work plan;
  • Compensation/Remuneration – Job descriptions can be used to develop a consistent salary structure, which is based on relative level of duties, responsibility and qualifications of each position in the organisation;
  • Performance Management – The job description and the work plan are used to monitor performance &
  • Legal Defence – If an employee is terminated for poor performance, an accurate, complete and up-to-date job description will help the organisation defend its decision.

As an additional option, we are able to perform the performance contracting element while conducting the interview. The results would then be able to be integrated seamlessly with your HRIS system / Performance Management system.

A high-level process flow of the work to be conducted follows:


job profiling