Performance Management System

Is a web-based Performance Management System. QuikPerform puts you in control of your organisation’s Performance Management process. We have developed the system to ensure that organisations are able to deliver reliable and consistent performance scores for individuals, teams, departments, business units and organisations.

Your journey with QuikPerform is summarised as follows:

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Information supporting the Performance Management process (job profiles & organisation structures) can be stored within the system (eliminating version control issues);
  • Hassle free implementation – QuikPerform is web-based – no physical implementation is required;
  • Initial user training is ½ day;
  • No limitation to the number of users who access via username and password;
  • Access control – managers only view subordinates and own scores;
  • Understandable terminology;
  • Ability to export reports to Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF;
  • Reduced time and training, therefore more cost effective;
  • User friendly, reducing dependency on consultants;
  • Reliable and consistent performance scores;
  • Only authorised users have access to information.


Managing employee performance and aligning individual objectives to organisational objectives facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals. There is much evidence to support a clear and immediate correlation between using performance management software and improved business and organisational results.


The benefits to the organisation are numerous, and include, but are not limited to:


  • Better financial performance;
  • Improved sales;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Mitigates project overruns;
  • Aligns employee behaviour with organisational objectives;
  • Decreased time to implement changes by communicating changes through a new set of goals;
  • Motivated workforce;
  • Ability to link incentives plans to specific performance goals;
  • Improved engagement through understanding of how individual contributions affect the organisation;
  • Create transparency in achievement of goals;
  • Improves confidence in bonus payment processes;
  • Professional development programs are better aligned to achieving business goals;
  • Improved management control;
  • Flexible and responsive to management needs;
  • Assists with complying with legislative requirements; and
  • Simplifies communication of strategic goals.
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