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EHC Increases Survey Report Summary

As a leader in Salary Increases Survey research, we once again sought to obtain valuable feedback to help us understand your organisations stance
regarding these important Remuneration Decisions, Reward Allocations and Hybrid Work.

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EHC African Employee Engagement Outlook 2021/22

A decade of running one of the most successful Employee Engagement Surveys across the African continent – we present to you our tenth edition of this publication, The African Employee Engagement Outlook 2021/2022. As a participant, we invite you to download your free copy of the report.

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EHC African Employee Engagement Outlook 2020/21

The results contained within this report are associated with a difficult time for both employee and employer during the Covid-19 pandemic, as each came to terms with remote working, adjusted remuneration & business practices, and the related challenges that lay ahead in implementing these elements.