Skills Audit

There are three stages to a Skills Audit:

Stage 1 – Determine skills required Determine what skills each employee requires using the Emergence Growth QuikSkills, Skills Gap Analysis Tool©

Stage 2 –  Audit Actual Skills Determine which of the required skills each employee has

Stage 3 – Determine Development Needs and Plans Analyse the results and determine skills development needs

The approach to developing this is highly consultative and has the following deliverables:

A programme that is tailor-made and designed for your organisation to accurately describe the skills critical to your organisations continued success; A process that is client driven and which ensures ownership of the programme by your organisation.

QuikSkills / Skills Gap Analysis Tool utilises survey methodology where each individual employee within your organisation per department will be required to complete a skills audit questionnaire.  This is a computerized tool which is intuitive and user friendly.  It allows for ease of access and accurate collation of data thus ensuring reliability and validity of the data.  The results from the questionnaire are analysed individually, collated per department and for the whole organisation.

The project methodology will combine research / desk study with fieldwork in each department, and will produce quantitative and qualitative data, from questionnaires, interviews and focus group discussions.

Benefits of QuikSkills, Skills Gap Analysis Tool©:

  • Utilise the individual skills gap analysis per person, per position.
  • Utilise the Consolidation Report to provide a snapshot of all skills within the department highlighting those competencies which require attention.
  • Utilise the Department Report to provide a high level overview of how the department is operating as a whole with the aim over time to reduce the ‘not a strength’ and ‘least skilled’ competency level ’s and increase the ‘appropriate’ to ‘strength’ competency level.

The pie charts generated will be utilised to measure over time how the percentages change as a result of training and development initiatives.  There may even be amendments made to what the ‘ideal’ should be.

Outcome: The outcome of the Skills Audit will be a detailed Skills Matrix, with skills gaps identified and clearly shown.

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